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SNMP Integration RTU Application

Asentria has a variety of products that have traditionally been referred to as Remote Terminal Units (RTU). An RTU traditionally has been a device that was a part of a communication network that would monitor contact closures, analog measurements, or perhaps do some parsing and evaluation of a legacy protocol. In most cases today, this data is converted into the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), which is a commonly desired alarm format that many devices within a communication network can report on their status.

In addition to being able to report alarms via SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3, Asentria units are also capable of being used to interface directly to other equipment at a remote communication site, such as a BTS or eNodeb, and perform some SNMP or network queries of other devices on the network.


This feature enables certain SiteBoss units to populate OID's within their own MIB with values that the SiteBoss unit is reading from attached sensors. This allows for a Network Management Software (NMS) to more easily poll (SNMP GET) a SiteBoss unit for sensor values.

SNMP Trap Capture

This standard software function enables a SiteBoss unit to receive traps from other devices as if it were a Network Monitoring Software (NMS). The SiteBoss will then parse the trap to determine if further alarm actions should be taken. This is done commonly when a location is isolated and there is no primary path for alarms to travel back to a Network Operations Center (NOC). A wireless or phone modem can be used in the SiteBoss to deliver alarms back to the NOC.

SNMP Poll Network Elements

This feature enables certain SiteBoss units to poll (SNMP GET) other network elements on a local network, and alarm based on the values received.

Proxy Non-SNMP Device

This feature enables certain SiteBoss units to behave as an SNMP proxy for non-SNMP devices. A SiteBoss unit could receive an alarm from a non-SNMP device in the form of a contact closure, an ASCII text message, or some other alarm method, and then represent OID's within in its own MIB for an NMS to poll.

SNMP Set to Network Elements

This feature enables certain SiteBoss units to do an SNMP SET command to other network elements on a local network, which often result in a SiteBoss unit determining that an alarm state exists within the equipment room.

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Additional RTU Application Elements:

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