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I/O Management RTU Application

Asentria has a variety of products that have traditionally been referred to as Remote Terminal Units (RTU). An RTU traditionally has been a device that was a part of a communication network that would monitor contact closures, analog measurements, or perhaps perform some parsing and evaluation of a legacy protocol. In most cases today, this data is converted into the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), which is a commonly desired alarm format that many devices within a communication network can report on their status.

In existing equipment rooms, contact closures, analog points, and relays may often already be terminated to a legacy RTU type of device. One of the most common uses of Asentria products is to replace existing legacy RTU’s, such as a “Badger” device, to enable the transmission of alarms via a more modern alarm standard such as SNMP. Asentria products have great flexibility in providing various I/O counts, and can provide alarms in any standard SNMP format, as well as offer paging, SMS, and other more unusual alarm methods.

Contact Closures

Asentria units can provide a large variety of contact closure alarm points in almost any conceivable count. Units exist from small 8 contact closure devices, to single 19"1RU chassis that can support 350 or more contacts. Punch-down and wire-wrap connectivity methods are also supported, as well cabling to support replacement of legacy units.


Asentria units can support voltage monitoring points for doing simple analog measurements. Analog measurement points are available in +60V/-60V measurement versions for simple power monitoring applications. Analog inputs are also available for use with simple current transducers for current measurements. Other more sophisticated power monitoring is also available, and is described in the “AC Main” and “Battery” monitoring sections. 4-20mA inputs are available to interface an Asentria base unit to common industrial-grade sensors for unusual monitoring within a communication network environment.


Asentria units can support a variety of output relays as well. Low voltage relays switching .6A or 1.5A are available via Asentria Expansion cards. Larger relays are available within our standalone S571 device for doing reboot of DC equipment, or as part of our accessory PB-2 device that can be slaved to other Asentria base units.

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Additional RTU Application Elements:

SNMP Management  /  Secure Remote IP Access  /  Protocol Conversion

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