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PBX Management 

Asentria TeleBoss units are most often deployed directly into a PBX switch room to provide call detail record (CDR) collection from PBX’s, gather alarms from various equipment including PBX’s, voicemail, or various power, security, or environmental monitoring equipment, or to provide secure remote access to a PBX or other voice equipment.

PBX Call Detail Records

Asentria TeleBoss units are capable of collecting Call Detail Records (CDR) from a wide range of PBX types. Traditionally CDR was collected via a serial port. Today, many PBX provide this data across a network connection. PBX’s or PBX protocols supported in this way include Avaya Reliable Session Protocol (RSP), Alcatel OmniPCX, Cisco Call Manager 4.0 to 7.0, Intecom Telari, NEC NEAX 2400, Mitel 3000, Nortel BCM, and Siemen's HiPath.

PBX Alarming

The Asentria TeleBoss can collect PBX alarms, or otherwise query PBX’s in a variety of ways to determine if they are operating correctly. The TeleBoss features an easy to use and powerful method of gathering and evaluating ASCII text. The TeleBoss is also capable of receiving SNMP traps, doing SNMP polling of a PBX, or querying devices through the use of its internal scripting language.

JITC Certification

The JITC versions of the T850-2 and T850-6 have been approved for use on the US Department of Defense network by passing the JITC (Joint Interoperability Test Command) Certification process.

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