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Site Security Passive Monitoring

Asentria provides a full range of hardware and software tools to manage the passive elements at a Base Transceiver Station (BTS or cell site) location. Passive monitoring refers to the monitoring of a cell site for power, security, and environmental issues that might affect the service providing communication equipment located within the site. The purpose of Asentria's products is to reduce the costs of operating the communication network. This is accomplished by reducing the frequency and length of network outages caused by power, security, or environmental issues. If an outage does occur, service personnel can be dispatched with valuable data regarding what problems they may encounter once they reach the site.

Asentria units are capable of monitoring and managing a variety of security related issues at remote communication sites, such as BTS, eNodeB's, or microwave sites. A SiteBoss can monitor simple conditions like if a cabinet or enclosure door has been opened. More sophisticated access methods can be created. IP cameras can be considered for security purposes in some cases. Asentria offers a variety of tools that can be combined to increase the security at remote communication sites.

Door / Motion

A SiteBoss unit can be used to monitor entry to doors at remote communication sites, indicating if a door is opened or closed. A variety of peripheral sensors, for both indoor and outdoor use, are available. Motion detection is another alarm method that is sometimes used within walk-in type enclosures to indicate the presence of unauthorized personnel.

Tower Lights

A SiteBoss unit can be paired with peripheral sensing devices to indicate if tower lights are operational.

RFID Card Reader Access

A SiteBoss unit can be paired with an RFID card reader to control a door strike that will allow access to a remote site by personnel that have the proper RFID card. Authorization schemes are currently simple and per site, but in the future will include the ability to manage many sites from a single console.

IP Cameras

A SiteBoss unit can be paired with IP cameras to provide greater security at a remote site. Asentria video solutions are designed to be used in specific instances where a wireless modem may, for example, be the only means of accessing a camera at a remote site. Asentria solutions are designed to work within the limitations that these environments provide. The resulting solution is intended to be functional and utilitarian across many potential sites.

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Additional Passive Monitoring Elements:

Power  /  Environment

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