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Communication Vehicle Monitoring

Asentria's SiteBoss S350 unit and Asentria Device Manager (ADM) software were specifically designed to overcome the shortcomings of using a traditional fleet management and communication site management solutions within today's mobile communication vehicles. Traditional fleet management devices are designed to give very basic data about vehicle location, and possibly variables like temperature. This gives no insight into the conditions affecting the communication equipment contained within the vehicle. Traditional communication site management devices don't always provide GPS coordinates, or contain "sleep" functionality to preserve the vehicles battery while the vehicle is sitting idle. The S350 and ADM software have been designed to overcome these issues, as well as to provide ongoing telemetry of the performance of the critical power, security, and environmental variables over time.


Asentria SiteBoss S350 can monitor fuel levels, generator run-times, and other key on-site variables. The S350 features advanced power management, a high-speed wireless modem, and an internal GPS receiver. The S350—paired with Asentria Device Manager (ADM)—allows reliable data transfer and the ability to locate units on a map. The S350 is compatible with many SNMP-based software solutions and is designed for use within the operational schemes of sophisticated telecommunication operator's networks.

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