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DC Power Control Active Management

Asentria units are capable of monitoring and controlling a variety of DC powered equipment such as microwave, RAN equipment, routers, switches, and rectifiers at remote communication sites, such as BTS, eNodeB’s, microwave sites, or other common -48VDC powered communication sites.

DC Power Cycling

Certain SiteBoss units support DC power cycling of remote -48VDC powered equipment. The SiteBoss S571 is an intelligent DC power distribution unit, taking in bulk DC power, and distributing it via fuse protected relays to the other equipment in a remote BTS or eNodeB cabinet. The PB-2 peripheral provides similar ability, as an accessory from other SiteBoss base units. DC power cycling enables the Network Operation Center (NOC) to reboot remote equipment that has “hung up” to prevent a truck roll. DC reboot ability is often paired with the SiteBoss’ ability to support a wireless modem, so that if the equipment that is experiencing problems at the remote location has also impacted in-band connectivity to the remote site, an out-of-band method of accessing the site is available.

DC Load Shedding

The SiteBoss S571 can provide load shedding for -48VDC equipment at a remote BTS or eNodeB cabinet. The most common example of load shedding would be where, with the loss of main AC power, the SiteBoss begins to power down less vital equipment to prolong the life of the batteries at the cell site location. The SiteBoss S571 can perform this function autonomously, even if the Network Operation Center (NOC) is unable to connect to the S571.

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Additional Active Management Elements:

Antenna Control

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