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Antenna Control Active Equipment Management

The roll-out of 3G & 4G systems has accelerated the use of antenna line products with digital remote control and monitoring facilities. The Antenna Interface Standards Group (commonly referred to as AISG) is an industry standards group formed by collaboration between communication infrastructure manufacturers and network operators. AISG’s purpose is maintaining and developing a standard for digital remote control and monitoring of antenna line devices in the wireless industry.

AISG Control

AISG is a protocol that is used to control antenna tilt in a cellular network. AISG control is an option within the SiteBoss S571 unit. It allows an operator to avoid the cost of having to arrange for someone to climb the antenna mast in order to make manual adjustments of the antenna. Instead, the antenna tilt can be controlled from the Network Operation Center (NOC). Asentria’s AISG Control option is intended to work with antennas from multiple manufacturers.

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Additional Active Management Elements:

DC Power Control

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