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TeleBoss 850

TeleBoss Series

Asentria industry-leading Telemanagement products have been chosen by the leading call accounting and telemanagement vendors as their preferred solution for CDR and SMDR data collection and polling. Our engineers have specialized in call accounting data buffers since the mid 80s. As a result, Asentria products are considered the most reliable data buffers in the industry. Several Asentria buffers perform other common telecom functions as well, such as PBX alarm management and remote PBX access. You can save a lot of money by combining these features into a single device.

Asentria Telemanagement products are typically sold by companies that sell hardware devices such as PBX, voice-mail, routers, and servers of various types. Asentria Telemanagement products enable remote monitoring and access to these devices, enabling these companies to provide monitoring and support services. A traditional use of Asentria's TeleManagement equipment has been to gather call-detail records (CDR) from a PBX for use with a call accounting software, or gather alarms from a PBX for reporting to an SNMP-based software.

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