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TeleBoss 850-JITC T850-JITC

JITC certification Expiring

The TeleBoss T850-JITC unit certification will be expiring at the end of May 2014 and will not be renewed. If you have quoted a JITC version of the product in the past we want you to be aware of the expiration date in case you have outstanding opportunities or were looking at new applications.

The product itself will not be undergoing any changes—so if the existing build without the JITC certification is of interest to customers nothing is going to be changing, we simply will not have the formal JITC certification after May 2014.

We have two technology partners who specialize in JITC certified Turn Key Solutions that will continue to incorporate Asentria Products. Details on those solutions and contact info for those partners can be found via the following links:

K&R Custom Software
Unique Communications

TeleBoss 850-JITC

Versions of the T850-2 and T850-6 have been approved for use on the US Department of Defense network by passing JITC (Joint Interoperability Test Command) Certification process. These JITC certified units are well suited for the following applications:

Call Accounting

The T850-JITC provides PBX CDR/SMDR data collection via either a serial port or via an Ethernet connection to the PBX. Via Ethernet, the T850 can collect data from Nortel, Avaya, Siemens, Cisco, NEC & Mitel switches. Once stored in the T850's non-volatile memory, data can be delivered to a call accounting application. The T850 is unique in the TeleBoss line for support of SFTP and SSH, each highly secure data transfer protocols. The T850 is used in the most highly security and privacy conscious customers, such as government, military, financial, and medical entities

PBX Alarm Monitoring

The T850 can gather ASCII-based PBX alarms via a serial connection and collect SNMP traps. The T850 is unique in the TeleBoss line for support of SFTP, SSH, and highly secure remote access. The T850 is used by carriers, PBX switch providers, and PBX manufacturers to provide the most flexible platform for PBX alarm collection and remote access.

Featured Benefits

  • Collect records from IP-based switches (IPRC)
  • Collect SMDR / CDR / Traffic / ACD
  • Remote maintenance port access
  • Terminal server functions
  • PBX alarm notification
  • Toll fraud detection and alarms
  • Equipment / environmental alarms


  • Intelligent ASCII evaluation alarms
  • No-data / Percentage-full alarms
  • SNMP traps / dialout alarms
  • Memory storage between 32 MB to 64MB
  • Supports up to 16 serial ports
  • Environmental sensor options
  • Optional run-time battery / DC power options
  • JITC-certified (Expired May 2014)

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