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TeleBoss 830 T830

TeleBoss 830

Call Accounting

The T830 provides PBX CDR/SMDR data collection via either a serial port or via an Ethernet connection to the PBX. Via Ethernet, the T830 can collect data from Avaya, Alcatel, Mitel, Nortel, and Cisco switches. Once stored in the T830's non-volatile memory, data can be delivered via FTP or modem to a call accounting application.

PBX Alarm Monitoring

The T830 can gather ASCII-based PBX alarms via a serial connection or do SNMP "gets" of data from PBX's or other devices.

Featured Benefits

  • Collect SMDR / CDR / Traffic / ACD
  • Data polling via Telnet, FTP Push, Dialup
  • Remote maintenance port access
  • Terminal server functions
  • PBX alarm notification
  • Toll fraud detection and alarms
  • Equipment / environmental alarms
  • Intelligent ASCII evaluation alarms


  • No-data / Percentage-full alarms
  • SNMP traps/dialout alarms
  • SNMP Gets
  • Supports up to 16 serial ports
  • Wireless cellular, ADSL, and/or dialup modem options
  • Equipment / Environmental sensor options
  • Optional run-time battery / DC power options

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