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Remote Site Monitoring Series Overview

SiteBoss 550

SiteBoss® Series

The SiteBoss remote site monitoring product line consists of a series of low-end to high-end stand-alone remote monitoring hardware devices that can be deployed at the remote sites, providing a powerful set of intelligent remote monitoring and remote device management and control features to help detect and prevent potential operational issues at your remote sites. The SiteBoss series remote device management controllers are scalable and economical, easy to setup and use, and provide a variety of options for a complete in-band and out-of-band secure remote access solution. The SiteBoss is a powerful, flexible and cost-effective choice for ISPs, WISPs, MSPs and network managers who need to monitor operational conditions and respond to potential or actual fault conditions rapidly before service interruptions occur.

Asentria's remote site monitoring product line enables value-added resellers (VARS), integrators, and equipment manufacturers to provide their customers with increased up-time for communication equipment and reduced costs of remote service calls. The SiteBoss Series product line has potential solutions for any size remote equipment cabinet or room; from the most modern small Base Transceiver Site (BTS) cabinets, to large server farm locations.

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