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SiteBoss® 530 S530

SiteBoss 530

Remote Cabinet Monitoring and Remote Access

The S530 can be used in remote cabinets or enclosures, from small BTS locations up to large walk-in enclosures. This device supports remote environmental monitoring, power monitoring from both AC and DC sources, generator fuel levels, fuse panels, and monitoring of inherently non-SNMP type equipment such as HVAC, UPS, etc. The device also supports remote access to remote site equipment via Ethernet, POTS, or EDGE wireless modems. The S530 is specifically designed to notify an SNMP software, but other methods of notification are also possible.

Monitoring of Server Equipment Rooms

The S530 can be used in network equipment rooms primarily for environmental monitoring. The device supports environmental monitoring over larger areas and within specific cabinets within a room. Common environmental factors monitored are temperature, humidity, water, smoke, entry, motion, and airflow. The S530 can support power monitoring from both AC and DC sources. The S530 is specifically designed to notify an SNMP software, but other methods of notification are also possible.

Featured Benefits

  • In-band or out-of-band access to remote serial equipment
  • Out-of-band access to remote network equipment
  • Base unit supports 2 serial and 2 Ethernet ports
  • 2 or 6 additional slots provide flexible expansion options
  • Supports up to 16 serial ports for remote serial device management
  • Connect up to 16 remote EventSensor modules to add I/O ports
  • Supports up to 48 I/O points, contacts, voltage, 4-20mA, relays, and more
  • Wireless cellular, ADSL, and/or dialup modem options
  • Monitor up to 100 serial alarm messages
  • Optional external MMC card temperature sensor


  • Supports Asentria Setting Key functionality
  • Easy to understand MIB works well with third-party SNMP Managers
  • Compatible with NetBoss®, ProVision®, HP Openview®, Spectrum®, Intermapper®, Nagios®, SNMPc®, Netcool®, TrapServer®, SilverStorm Technologies, SitePortal, SolarWinds®, and all other SNMP-based network management systems
  • Send E-mail, SNMP trap, TCP/IP, or dial-out alarms
  • Receive and convert SNMP traps into text alarms
  • Access network devices via dialup PPP
  • Fallback to dialup alarms if the Ethernet connection fails
  • Web interface for easy configuration
  • Optional internal run-time battery backup

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