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SiteBoss® 350 S350

SiteBoss 350

Reliable Management for Critical Mobile Generator and Mobile Cell Sites

The S350 adds to Asentria's SiteBoss product line a set of features designed specifically to work with mobile generators and mobile cell sites used for disaster recovery by telecom operators. The S350 can monitor fuel levels, generator run-times, and key on-site variables. The S350 features advanced power management for low power usage, high-speed wireless modem connectivity with the ability to send management data through this primary communication channel, and an internal GPS receiver to determine location information. The S350, paired with Asentria's software utility, allows reliable data transfer and the ability to locate units on a map. Like all Asentria products, the S350 is compatible with many SNMP-based software solutions and is designed for use within the operational schemes of sophisticated telecommunication operator's networks.

Featured Benefits

  • Based on powerful Linux operating system
  • Supports (1) Serial and (1) Ethernet port
  • Specifically integrated with 3rd party sensors
  • Supports (1) Asentria Sensor port: (1) ES/ESJ port
  • (1) USB port (For future expansion options)
  • Internal wireless CDMA/EVDO, LTE, or HSPA modem (Optional)
  • Internal GPS Receiver (Optional)
  • DC power supply


  • LUA scripting language
  • Easy to understand MIB works well with third-party SNMP Managers
  • Compatible with NetBoss®, ProVision®, HP Openview®, Spectrum®, Intermapper®, Nagios®, SNMPc®, Netcool®, TrapServer®, SilverStorm Technologies, SitePortal, SolarWinds®, and all other SNMP-based network management systems
  • Supports Asentria Setting Key functionality
  • Web interface for easy configuration
  • Send SNMP, SMS, and Email alarms

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