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SiteBoss® 220 S220 (previously S420)

SiteBoss 220

Monitoring of Server or other Remote Equipment Rooms

The S220 is a simple, small, cost-effective device for monitoring in remote equipment locations. The S220 supports remote environmental monitoring such as temperature, humidity, water, smoke, entry, motion, and airflow within remote locations through the use of a variety of external sensors. The S220 delivers alarms "in-band" via Ethernet only. The S220 is specifically designed to be integrated with an SNMP software, delivering alarms either by SNMP Trap or by polling of the S220's SNMP MIB. The S220 can also support SMTP (Email) alarms.

Featured Benefits

  • Supports 8 on-board contact closure inputs
  • (1) ES/ESJ Port
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • Cost effective
  • Small size
  • Send Email or SNMP trap alarms
  • Easy to understand MIB works well with third-party SNMP Managers


  • Compatible with NetBoss®, ProVision®, HP Openview®, Spectrum®, Intermapper®, Nagios®, SNMPc®, Netcool®, TrapServer®, SilverStorm Technologies, SitePortal, SolarWinds®, and all other SNMP-based network management systems
  • Easy to use Web Interface

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