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Asentria is first and foremost a company of innovators. We are not satisfied with the status quo — instead we are constantly searching for ways to improve our existing line up to bring you the highest quality products available in the Telemanagement space. This process necessitates the retirement of Asentria base units that no longer offer the level of service or features that our newest units enjoy. The following is a listing of discontinued Asentria products and their EOL date:

TeleBoss 810 12/23/2010

With the introduction of the T820 base unit, the T810 base unit is officially declared End of Life as of 12/23/2010. Support for T810 will continue for the forseeable future, but any additional sales of this model are discontinued. Contact Sales for more information.

TeleBoss 810

DataLink 100/150 11/30/2009

With the introduction in 2008 of the Asentria TeleBoss line of products, as well as the obsolescence of a number of key components in our previous product lines, Asentria is announcing that the official end-of-life date for sales of Asentria DL100 and DL150 products is 11/30/2009.

Asentria determined that the current focus on the TeleBoss product lines precluded any additional production runs of these legacy devices. Support for these Data-Link products will continue until Jan 1st 2015. This support is primarily in the form of technical phone assistance and product repair as practical, and may or may not include any software updates.

DataLink 100/150

If you are currently considering the purchase of any of these products, we recommend you consider a transition to newer TeleBoss products immediately. The newer Asentria models are superior in every respect to their older counterparts, and should generally provide drop-in compatibility with the older product lines. Asentria Technical Support is prepared to work with you to facilitate the transition to the newer products.

We apologize for any inconvenience this situation causes you. Keeping a supply of these legacy products is difficult due to updated technology or parts obsolescence issues. If you have any questions, concerns, ideas or recommendations regarding this matter, we are very interested in your responses. Please contact us if there is a problem and we will endeavor to assist you.


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