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Asentria offers a family of proven remote site monitoring and data buffering products which give service providers the solutions they need to remotely and proactively monitor, manage, access and control equipment in remote or understaffed locations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also keeps track of any environmental conditions (e.g. high temperatures, excessive water, an open door or window, power outages, etc.) that could potentially pose a threat to remote equipment.

These products, which are easy to install and cost-effective to use, help detect and alert network managers before any harm is done to remote equipment. The products also provide the granular detail needed to dispatch appropriate resources in the event of a problem, and remotely execute actions such as rebooting a locked computer, turn on a fan, enable or disable power systems or manage devices, change equipment configuration parameters, connect remote users to restricted ports, and much more.

Remote Site Product Guide

Telemanagement Product Guide

SiteBoss 550

Remote Site Monitoring Products SiteBoss® Series

Asentria's Remote Site Product Line enables value-added resellers (VARS), integrators, and equipment manufacturers to provide their customers with increased up-time for communication equipment and reduced costs of remote service calls. The Asentria Remote Site Product Line has potential solutions for any size remote equipment cabinet or room; from the most modern small Base Transceiver Site (BTS) cabinets, to large server farm locations.

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TeleBoss 850

Telemanagement Monitoring Products TeleBoss Series

Asentria Telemanagement products are typically sold by companies that sell hardware devices such as PBX, voice-mail, routers, and servers of various types. Asentria Telemanagement products enable remote monitoring and access to these devices, enabling these companies to provide monitoring and support services. A traditional use of Asentria's TeleManagement equipment has been to gather call-detail records (CDR) from a PBX for use with a call accounting software, or gather alarms from a PBX for reporting to an SNMP-based software.

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