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Asentria solutions give communication network operators monitoring, access, and control of the remote or unmanned locations on their network, which enables the Network Operation Center (NOC) to reduce the cost of operating the network and risk of a loss of service. Asentria was an early pioneer in the M2M "Machine to Machine" world, starting over 30 years ago making hardware devices that were designed to query PBX phone switches for data. With the convergence of networks, Asentria began converting the data taken from PBX's and creating alarm messages via SNMP, the Simple Network Management Protocol, across the IP network. Network operators began to use Asentria hardware for more than just PBX's, employing it any time they wished to take some other value and convert it into SNMP, and deliver it to a Network Management Software (NMS). Early adopters included the US Army, who used our devices to convert various environmental data into SNMP values.

Asentria products are now currently in use worldwide in cellular or other wireless networks, cable and DSL networks, and networks related to radio and tv, oil and gas development, electrical or other utilities, highway departments, rail, and the military. Asentria prides itself on having products that are "solid, simple, sensible, and supported", and being a part of some of the largest and most sophisticated networks in the world. Asentria has 1000's of installations worldwide, including individual customers that have over 15000 of our devices deployed.

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