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IDWARE Partner Profile

Who They Are

IDWARE is a French SME, founded in 1995 in Meudon, France, involved in Telecommunications Technologies for fixed and mobile Networks. IDWARE, a spin off ALCATEL LUCENT, provides consulting services, technical training, products, and solutions. IDWARE is a value added reseller for Remote Site Monitoring solutions, IP Network tools, Optical fiber cables. The distinctiveness of IDWARE is its knowledge and experience in Operation and Maintenance. Utilizing its network of technical partners and experts, IDWARE is able to provide turnkey solutions in Western Europe, the Pacific Islands, Africa and Central and South America.

How We Work Together

The relationship between Asentria and IDWARE dates back to 2006 with a project in French Polynesia. IDWARE provided a supervision solution for OPT (ILEC) and was looking for remote site monitoring products. Equipment had to work in particularly harsh operational conditions: hot, humid and salty. IDWARE started with 50 sites (more sites are still being added). In 2009, IDWARE became an official Asentria reseller. IDWARE is a VAR with the intent of not only reselling devices, but providing complete solutions for an operator network. IDWARE is currently involved in major projects around the world, with a particular strength in French speaking areas.


IDWARE has extensive Asentria product knowledge, and is able to provide complete and customized solutions based on Asentria's SiteBoss remote site monitoring product line as well as Network Management software from its partner, FUTUROCOM. IDWARE's strength is to be able to analyze the customer's need, deduce the requirements, to demonstrate that all the requirements are fulfilled, and to provide a global turnkey solution including product, software, installation and training.

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