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InterMapper® is a division of Help/Systems, a world leader in systems management software. It develops industrial strength network monitoring, mapping and alerting software. The solution is an easy to configure and fully featured troubleshooting tool. It is integrated with a reporting package, a Layer 2 discovery module and a robust NetFlow analyzer. Available for major operating systems, this innovative product earns quick return-on-investment by proactively notifying administrators to potential hardware, software, and bandwidth issues that could cause business interruptions. Powered by an extensive library of probes, its dynamic, color-coded maps and graphical reports provide a real-time view of any device on the network. More than 25,000 IT professionals worldwide use InterMapper as a cost-effective way to maximize network uptime.

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How We Work Together

There are many benefits to users of SiteBoss remote monitoring devices from the deployment of the InterMapper network monitoring, mapping and alerting solution. InterMapper and SiteBoss are designed to work together, making it easy and quick to cost-effectively manage your SiteBoss devices.

  • Easy to configure
    • Device-generated probe sent to InterMapper, makes configuration easy and powerful
    • Only active sensors are included in the probe
    • Real-time labeling and formatting is done for the user, saving time

Before: SiteBoss with stock InterMapper SNMP probe.

After: SiteBoss with device-generated InterMapper SNMP probe.


  • InterMapper complements SiteBoss equipment
    • Expanded notification and alarm options
    • Central data storage and analysis
      • Charts
      • Reports
    • Double Click to open SiteBoss web interface
    • Full featured probe set
      • Alarms
      • All SNMP variables
    • Customizable presentation of environmental monitoring
      • Temperatures and values live on map, variables in labels
      • Monitor network and environmental devices on one map
    • Device management
      • Monitor the network side of sensors with InterMapper
      • See where the SiteBoss devices are plugged into (Layer 2)
      • Manage network of sensors (proprietary or from other vendors)
        • One platform and common data structure/timeline
        • Different vendors' sensors can be on one chart

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